Home Remedies for Arthritis

Feb 9, 2019


Home Remedies for Arthritis

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    According to CDC more than 50 million American populations now suffers from arthritis. That indicated one in five people having some form of arthritis over the age of 18 years (1).  Suffering from arthritis is not just a joint pain but it can also cause severe fatigue, weight loss and can damage any other human body organs. The patient can experience dry mouth, dry eyes, dyspnea, small skin lumps, anemia, just too a few names here.


    It’s an autoimmune disorder where immune system can attack your lining membranes around your joints, and inflammation goes to be started. That leads to pain in your joints causing physical inactivity due to pain you experienced. A number of pharmaceutical drugs for arthritis but they are in number of hundreds. So there are numerous homemade and natural remedies being good at pain control and swelling which cause arthritis especially reducing the root cause of inflammation.  Here are 6 best ways to reduce in our body inflammation by natural foods today:

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