Arthritis….. an adulthood problem how to overcome???

Oct 2, 2018

Arthritis….. an adulthood problem how to overcome???

Arthritis….. an adulthood problem how to overcome???

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Home Remedies for Arthritis

According to CDC more than 50 million American populations now suffers from arthritis. That indicated one in five people having some form of arthritis over the age of 18 years (1).  Suffering from arthritis is not just a joint pain but it can also cause severe fatigue, weight loss and can damage any other human body organs. The patient can experience dry mouth, dry eyes, dyspnea, small skin lumps, anemia, just too a few names here.


It’s an autoimmune disorder where immune system can attack your lining membranes around your joints, and inflammation goes to be started. That leads to pain in your joints causing physical inactivity due to pain you experienced. A number of pharmaceutical drugs for arthritis but they are in number of hundreds. So there are numerous homemade and natural remedies being good at pain control and swelling which cause arthritis especially reducing the root cause of inflammation.  Here are 6 best ways to reduce in our body inflammation by natural foods today:

Black pepper: 

The thin which made me sneexe while thinking about it. But black pepper haa lob been known as healerof pain and swelling. Have uheaard about the word Capsaicin? If not; it’s a key ingrdient in black pepper that gives relief in rheumatoid arthritis.



Ginger has been known to be helpful for a lot of things especially nausea. It has been known as anti-inflammatory nature for centuries. Studies suggest that ginger work by inhibiting C0-X2, pro inflammatory enzyme. A study involving patients who were given 225 mg twice that noted as reduced pain by 63% as receiving ginger supplement as compared to 50% patients received placebo. So proving it a beneficial home remedies for arthritis at home level

Pine Apple:   

Coastal dwelling areas have very low incidence of osteoarthritis as a result of pineapple inclusion in their routine diets. They contain an enzyme “Bromelain” that is anti-inflammatory properties. Pineapple is also a booting food for kidney health and also increasing bone density and work against parasitic bodies.

Get more magnesium (Seriously…)   

Magnesium is microelement needed for our body, that we can’t make it. As being used in > 300 biochemical responses in our body.  It relaxes muscles and nerves relieving pain and stiffness or pain. It is a part of our heart beat making process. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study and showed that people have higher magnesium in diets had stronger bones. Magnesium can be consumed from leafy vegetables e.g. spinach, nuts and beans etc.


Cherries are considered as best natural remedy for arthritis. It has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties due a pigment “anthocyanosides” a plant pigment.  Researches at Philadelphia VA medical center, they have found that people with 6 cherries per day (or tart cherry juice) experienced decreased rate of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, a biological marker of inflammation.







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