Proof towards…Mobile phones and brain cancers

Oct 3, 2018

Proof towards…Mobile phones and brain cancers

Proof towards…Mobile phones and brain cancers

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Mobile phones are carcinogenic….The Effects of Cell Phones on Brain Activity

WHO classified call phone radiations as a “possible carcinogen” because of increased risk of brain cancers by a long-term activity and heavy usage of mobile phones. Although small usage of cell phone does not cause brain tumors but they can also change brain activity in different ways. The evidence from the studies shows that the human brain is sensitive to cell phone radiation. The observed brain activity change cannot be explained by only a heating (or thermal) effect as a result of temperature rise from energy absorption.

Human brain respond to electrical impulses, that can be detected by Electrocardiogram measurements.  A recent mobile phones study in Netherlands researchers found during dialing  when mobile placed at ears their radiations are electrically detected by brain.  In that study 31 healthy females after exposing to 3G mobile phone for 15 minutes undergone to EEG. Brain activities were detected to be changed immediately  (1).

In 2015 a French study (2) showed that EEG patterns of brain were altered by GSM cell phones radio stations. Another Atalian study conducted in 2013 mobile study demonstrated that a significant change in mental activities( cortical excitability)  induced by 45 minutes GSM mobile phones use (3). An Australian study conducted in 2013 showed altered brain EEG alpha bands by SGM-like RF radiations. A 2011 Australian study showed an effect of acute 2G and 3G exposure on human cognitive functions. A 2010 U.S. study (4)  found that pulsed radiation from ordinary mobile phone use can trigger human brain evoked potentials (Eps) as detected by EEG.




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